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             Shareholding Structure of the Group

             Management Structure


             Scope of duties and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer

  1. Oversee the Companys overall business operations to meet with the Companys business goals, and as assigned by the Board of Directors.

  2. Devise the strategy and business plan to be proposed to the Board of Directors, and act accordingly to achieve the targets according to
    the strategy and business plan as approved by the Board of Directors.

  3. Seek new business and investment opportunities relevant to core businesses of the Company and its subsidiary companies to generate
    more revenues for the Company.

  4. Manage the company according to the policies and goals and operation plans. Financial goals And theCompany s budget Including
    business plans approved by the Board of Directors and / or the resolution of the shareholders' meeting.

  5. The power of attorney or other person authorized to perform specific tasks on their behalf. Which is in the scope that is in accordance with
    the approval authority guidelines or regulations or the order that the Board of Directors has set.

  6. Performing other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee And / or the Board of Directors.

  7. Consider entering into a contract about the business of the company. And various contracts which is beneficial to the business of the
    company Including determining procedures and methods for preparing such contracts propose to the Executive Committee and / or the
    Board of Directors.

  8. Have the authority to issue regulations, orders and regulations, amendments to improve the operation of the company such as
    appointment,dismissal and discipline of officers and employees


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