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Mr.Suwat Summashipvitsavakul
Chairman of The Audit Committee

Audit Committee Appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors. Consisting of 3 independent directors of the company, with 1.Mr. Suwat Summashipvitsavakul Chairman of the Audit Committee who has accounting knowledge 2.Mrs.Puangthip Silpasart, member of the audit committee and 3.Mrs.Kornsiri Pinnarat, member of the audit committee.

In 2023, the Audit Committee held a total of 4 meetings and all directors attended every meeting. Meeting attendance of each director It was reported in the 2023 annual report and various actions were taken. It can be summarized as follows:

1. Review the quarterly and annual financial reports of the company and the consolidated financial statements of its subsidiaries. By considering accounting information, compliance with financial reporting standards, internal control related to the preparation of such financial statements By meeting to consider with executives in the accounting department of the company and AMC Office Company Limited, the auditor, on a regular basis. Observations from reviews and inspections are reported. During the auditor’s review and audit, no fraud or violation of the law was found by the company and its subsidiaries

2. Attend company meetings Dharmniti Internal Audit Co., Ltd. Internal Auditor to evaluate effectiveness and the adequacy of the internal control systems of various agencies Important issues detected as well as following up on improvements to correct detected issues as well as preventive measures to prevent damage. which is presented by internal auditor By emphasizing the independence of both Internal auditors and external auditors

3. Consider and approve the internal audit plan for the year 2023, emphasizing risks that have a significant impact on the business of both the company and its subsidiaries. By following up on corrections based on the recommendations of the internal auditors to ensure that they are carried out correctly and continuously in order to make the business operations of the subsidiaries as efficient and effective as possible.

4. Review the operational supervision system in accordance with legal requirements related to the company’s business operations, including compliance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and other related laws.      By meeting with accounting executives. Auditors and internal auditors

5. Review the transactions between the company and its subsidiaries. Including related items or items that may cause conflicts beneficial to ensure that the transaction complies with the conditions Normal business, reasonable and in the best interests of the company Along with disclosing information adequately and transparently, there are no transactions that significantly affect the company.

6. Evaluate the performance of the auditors and Internal auditors as well as considering the knowledge, abilities and experience of auditors and internal auditors. Including appropriate remuneration for auditing and internal auditing to present to the Board of Directors for approval in proposing the names of auditors and remuneration to the shareholder meeting. To approve the appointment for the year 2023.

In performing its duties in 2023, the Audit Committee has reviewed and considered the Company’s operations. Considered together with the executives responsible for internal auditors and external auditors. Overall, the Audit Committee is of the opinion that the company has an appropriate and sufficient internal control system. Including operations that comply with legal requirements related to business operations. and company policy Including the company’s financial statements, it has been prepared according to generally accepted and reliable accounting principles. We have implemented a risk management system and inspection process. Let’s consider it.

Mr. Prapas Chutimavoraphand
Chairman of Executive Director

Dear all contributors to success

During the past year 2023, the country’s economy grew by 1.9 percent. The company has given importance to production that meets international standards. Both in terms of passing BRC FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certification and giving importance to cost management to be competitive in the industry. Including creating alliances and creating opportunities to invest in new products, resulting in TSTE Public Company Limited and its affiliates Maintain sustainable profitability Reinforcing success as “Leader in logistics services and conduct business related  to food”

This is because the management team and employees at all levels strictly adhere to the vision and mission, including operating with the organization’s core values, including work discipline. Be honest Have a love for service and have ability, along with conducting business with care It will be a guideline for creating continued success in the future.

TSTE Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries Committed to being ready to conduct business with care and attention to stakeholders, the economy, society and the environment with morality, ethics and code of conduct, as well as having good governance as a guideline for conducting various activities. It is honest, honest, transparent and fair while being aware of the impact on the economy, society and the environment. This will truly be the key to sustainable organizational growth.

Mr. Pricha Attavipach

Dear all contributors to success

In the past year The Thai economy has an economic expansion rate of 1.9 percent, along with agricultural production in 2023. In particular, sugarcane has increased output to factories by 1.86 million tons of sugar cane from the 2021/2022 sugar production season of 92.03 million tons of sugarcane, which is the amount of sugarcane sent to factories. In the sugar production season 2022/23, the amount was 93.89 million tons of sugar cane. From the company Give importance to strategies for sustainable business operations. It requires the implementation of sustainability policies and guidelines set by the Board of Directors through the vision and mission. Including various policies and procedures. In addition, an internal audit unit is established to check compliance with sustainability policies and guidelines. together with the company It has given importance to various groups of stakeholders. Including creating many trade alliances.

In addition, the improvement and development of logistics service standards. continuously at the international level, resulting in the group of companies Still maintaining profitability and liquidity Including the ability to repay debt, overall performance in 2023, the group of companies had a net profit of 127.37 million baht and the company announced a dividend payment at the rate of 0.12 per share. Although there are many external effects But the group of companies It is still able to maintain its ability to make net profits and its ability to repay debts, including its ability to pay dividends, thus confirming that the group of companies Success in running a sustainable business.

On behalf of the Chairman I would like to thank you for the trust and confidence of shareholders, investors, financial institutions. business partners customers as well as executives and all employees who have joined together to help run the business with sacrifice, dedication, patience and honesty, resulting in the company’s success until today. The company confirms that it will conduct business by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, being aware of all stakeholders, including being responsible for the environment and society in order for the company to grow sustainably.

Mr.Suwat Summashipvitsavakul
Chairman of The Nominating Committee and consider compensation

Nomination and Remuneration Committee Appointed by resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors. Consisting of 3committee members:  1. Mr. Suwat Summashipvitsavakul 2. Ms. Jutatip Arunanondchai  3. Mrs. Puangthip Silpasart    

In 2023, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee There were 2 meetings in total, with all directors attending every meeting. and reported in the annual report 56-1 One Report for the year 2023. The committee has performed its duties according to the charter. The important points are as follows:

1. Recruitment and selection of persons to serve as directors of the company

In consideration of recruitment and select individuals to serve as independent directors. Company Director and various sub-committees To replace directors whose terms have expired and has provided an opportunity for shareholders to propose names of individuals to be considered for selection between 1October-31 December 2023 to be taken into account for appropriate qualifications Complete with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission. and the Stock Exchange of Thailand Do not have prohibited characteristics as specified by law.

Taking into account qualifications, experience, knowledge, and abilities that will be beneficial to the company. before presenting to the Company’s Board of Directors meeting and shareholder meeting for further consideration and approval.

2. Determination of remuneration for the Board of Directors and sub-committees

In considering compensation and other benefits for directors Nomination and Remuneration Committee The compensation has been considered transparently. appropriate to the scope of duties and responsibilities  Consistent with the company’s operating results by studying, analyzing, and comparing compensation. of directors and senior executives to a level comparable to Listed companies in the same industry or any other company of similar size To attract and retain quality directors and senior executives with the company.

3. Providing an evaluation of the performance of the committee’s duties. and report to the Board of Directors

To ensure that the directors’ work is efficient and maximizes benefits for the organization. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee therefore has arranged for an evaluation of the performance of the committee’s duties. Sub-committees and individual directors on an annual basis which is consistent with the principles of good corporate governance It focuses on using the evaluation results to improve the performance of the committee’s duties.

Mr.Suwat Summashipvitsavakul
Chairman of The Risk Management

Risk Management Committee Appointed by resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors. Consisting of a committee of 5 people: 1. Mr. Suwat Summashipvitsavakul 2.Mrs. Puangthip Silpasart  3.Mrs. Kornsiri Pinnarat       4. Mr. Chanachai Chutimavoraphand  and 5. Mr. Phallop Haemataksin

In 2023, the Risk Management Committee There were 4 meetings in total, with all directors attending every meeting. and reported in the annual report 56-1 One Report for the year 2023. By the Risk Management Committee Perform duties under good corporate governance. In order to manage the risk of the company Be efficient and effective in achieving business goals. Able to build confidence and credibility among shareholders and stakeholders that the company has a risk management system that can handle risks in all dimensions.

It is important in the performance of duties of Risk Management Committee as follows:

1. Supervise risk management to reduce impacts on business operations.

The Company has been following important situations around the world that may affect the Company’s

business operations. and affiliated companies There are proactive and reactive measures, creating a management plan to reduce the chance of every risk event occurring. In 2023, the policy has been reviewed and improved. Risk management and acceptable risks To be consistent with the current situation

2. Supervise the organization’s stakeholder management. To provide a stakeholder management process and covers management of all stakeholder groups With approval as follows:

2.1 Company’s stakeholder management strategy

2.2 Issues that stakeholders give importance to and Operational guidelines

3. Follow up on enterprise risk management for the year 2023. By following up closely on a quarterly basis. Risk indicators have been established for monitoring and early warning. Provide advice to management on improving management Better risk management by reviewing risk plans to be in line with changing strategies and business environments. and the results are reported to the Company’s Board of Directors.

4. Consider and scrutinize organizational risk reports. It has been presented for approval from the Board of Directors. This makes the risk management plan clear and consistent with business strategies and goals. By broadcasting into practice throughout the organization To be able to manage risks effectively and in a timely manner

In summary, the Company’s Risk Management Committee will strive to maintain and devote itself to improving the efficiency of risk management. To be able to manage risks effectively, appropriately, and control them to an acceptable level. and achieve sustainable business goals in a challenging environment

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