Investor Relation
Tranfer of Shares

In case of changing the name of the shareholder when the shares are transferred, and the transferee wishes to change the name in the shareholder registration book, allowing shareholders to proceed as follows;

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The Shares certificate is lost or damaged

If a shareholder makes a lost or damaged share certificate for any reason, allowing shareholders to proceed as follows.

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Editing information in the shareholder registration

When there is a change in the shareholder's listing, such as first and last name, address, and share registration allowing shareholders to proceed as follows

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After the bank announced the book closing date (Record Date) for the right to receive dividends. The bank would pay dividends to the shareholders whose names are in the register of shareholders on the book closing date (Record Date), which will send dividend checks or transfer dividends into account as shareholders have announced in advance on the date of dividend payment announcement.

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Processing Time

If shareholders wish to ask for additional information or to make suggestions and comments,
they can contact the company's shareholder services of Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD), telephone number 02 - 229 - 2888 or 02 - 654 - 5599.

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