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             TSTE Groups history

                                    Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited had been founded on April 27,1976,by sugar industrialists who are consisted
                 of 9 sugar factories. The previous name was The Thai Sugar Terminal Corporation Co., Ltd.,with 93 rai of later purchased additional land
                 and expand the current space into a 153 rai one ngan 41.2 square wah for sugar preservation. At that time the warehouse nearby the
                 Chao Praya River, 32 warehouses and three-port was planned to be the hub for sugar factory members. Then in the year 1977, Thai
                 Sugar Warehouse Co., Ltd, and Thai Sugar Transportation had been founded; in the year 1978,Thai Sugar Silo Warehouse Corporation
                 Co., Ltd. had been established. Therefore, when there were more new non-member factories, Sugar Silo Warehouse Co., Ltd and T. S.
                 Warehouse Co., Ltd had been founded in the year 1983 and 1887 in consecutive. They were sugar warehouses for pile raw sugar. The
                 Thai Sugar Terminal Corporation Co., Ltd. registered in The Stock Exchange of Thailand on dated July 13, 1990, and became a public
                 company in the year 1994 in the name of Thai Sugar Terminal Public Co., Ltd. registered no. 0107537001692 until the present.


                                    With further vision relating foods and logistics, including opportunity in the packaging business, the group will expand
                 investment in subsidiaries and affiliated company as follow:

                 - T S Flour Mill Public Company Limited (subsidiaries company) (TMILL) Limited

                 produces and sells wheat to wheat flour,which is the raw material from abroad.To be milled into the flour with a high protein and low in
                 protein wheat flour produced by each type will be used as raw material to create differently if a high protein wheat flour is ideal for
                 providing instant noodles, noodles,fresh bread,and animal feed.While the low-protein flour is suitable for the production of biscuits,cakes,
                 buns yourself or flour, June 2010, the company had been privatized to a public company limited under the name TS Flour Mill Public
                 Company Limited (TMILL) by issuing 85 million new common stocks worth THB 1 each to support new common stocks offering to
                 general investors for the registration in Market for Alternative Investment (MAI), Thai Sugar Terminal Public Co., Ltd. currently holds
                 69.345 percent.


                 - T S Warehouse Company Limited (subsidiaries company) (TSW)

                 operates a warehouse business in both bulk and sacktypes, including cargo handling and packaging change services.

                 - T S Oil Industry Company Limited (subsidiaries company) (TSO)

                 produces and sells palm oil for eatable as follows Refined Palm Olein: RO, RBD Palm Oil: RPO, RBD Palm Stearin: RS and Palm Fatty Acid
                 Distillate: PFAD.

                 - T S G Trading Company Limited (subsidiaries company) (TSG)

is an apartment business, high four floors 45 rooms,and trading business.

                 - T S Transport and Logistics Company Limited (subsidiaries company) (TSTL)

                 produces and sells packaging such as plastic bag, plastic bottle, etc. and invest in container port business 16C.

                 - PU CHAO CONTAINER TERMINAL Company Limited (affiliated company) (PCCT)

                 operates the container port 16C.this  company is a joint venture company between RCL Logistic Company Limited,subsidiaries company
                 of RCL Public Company Limited, and TSTL by TSTL hold the equity 20%

    Companys Name
Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited
TSTE (Stock Exchange of Thailand)
    Year of Establishment
    Type of Business
Freight services to the fleet, rent a warehouse and wharf
    Registered Capital

registered Capital: Baht 191,663,805.00
(One hundred ninety one million six hundred sixty three thousand eight hundred and five THB.)


Paid-up Capital: Baht 191,663,590.50
(One hundred ninety one million six hundred sixty three thousand five hundred ninety baht and fifty satang)



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