Anti – Corruption Policy

Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited

Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited (“TSTE”) values and adheres to ethical business practices, honesty, responsibility to society and all groups of stakeholders following the principles of good corporate governance, and comply with the law against corruption transparently and verifiably.

The Company is aware of the problem of corruption which will affect the economic and social development of the country. Including an obstacle to the development of business competitiveness and the country. Therefore, for our country to grow sustainably, the company has joined the declaration of intent to be the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption, and the Company has set anti-corruption policy as well as anti-corruption measures, including a written manual on corruption risk management as a guideline for all personnel of the Company to adhere to in their work as well as relevant stakeholders are aware of the Company's intentions and business practices.

The Company sincerely hopes that compliance with the anti-corruption policy and principles of good corporate governance of the Company, directors, executives, and personnel of the Company to treat all groups of stakeholders with transparency, fairness, and social responsibility It will be an important foundation for sustainable business and country growth.

Corruption means offering, promising, granting, demanding, giving, or accepting bribes or benefits in the form of money. or other benefits whether directly or indirectly or any behavior that implies corruption in all forms with other persons/juristic persons government officials government service agency or any stakeholder to obtain business or to maintain or recommend the business to a particular company, or to maintain any other benefits that are not under Thai law or inappropriate according to the Code of Conduct and Good Corporate Governance Policy. The Company prohibits and all personnel of the Company and its subsidiaries from demanding, acting, or accepting corruption. For the benefit of self, family, friends, and acquaintances.

The Company attaches great importance to transparent and ethical business operations. Therefore, directors, executives, and employees of the Company are prohibited from demanding, carrying out, or accepting all forms of corruption, both directly and indirectly, for the benefit of themselves or individuals. In every country and every government and private sector in which the Company's business is involved, all directors, executives, and employees must jointly promote the values of honesty and integrity. In this regard, the Anti-Corruption Policy covers the Company's operations in the following matters:


The Anti-Corruption Policy covers the following matters:

  • The Company arranges for an assessment of the Company's corruption risks and establishes operational measures that are consistent with that risk. It is reviewed annually.
  • The Company has established procedures that are detailed enough for implementation by this policy and can effectively prevent corruption in business operations.
  • The Company provides orientation and training for personnel for providing knowledge and understanding about anti-corruption policies, measures, and procedures.
  • The Company has in place an internal control system suitable for the Company's business operations to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the anti-corruption policy. This covers the process of keeping financial records, accounting, human capital management processes, and other processes related to the Company's operations.
  • The Company provides a report, follow-up, and review of the anti-corruption policy implementation with appropriate action steps to ensure that the policy is complete, sufficient, and timely.
  • The Company provides a secure communication channel for the Company's personnel and all stakeholders to seek advice, report clues, suggestions, or file complaints in connection with corruption and measures to protect the rights of such persons.
  • The Company communicates anti-corruption policies both within and outside the Company to achieve broad compliance, including notifying subsidiaries, associated companies, other companies that the Company has the power to control, and business representatives implementing the Company's anti-corruption policy.
  • The Company encourages the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices among other companies in the same industry as the Company, including all related parties to act as a collective action and participate in anti-corruption activities organized by companies, associations, chambers of commerce, or other regulatory bodies.


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