Vision Mission Core Value

Procedure of process for determination of vision, mission and core value of company and subsidiary, the committees have considered and approved vision, mission and strategy of company and subsidiary by setting up the meeting among the committees and management team of company and subsidiary in order to consider and approve business plan.


“We” We are a group of Companies providing logistics services. And conducting business related to food At the international standard level Under efficient management services with good governance for sustainable development


  • Improve the development of logistics service standards Continuously at the international level
  • Strengthen trade partners and create investment opportunities in the related logistics business
  • Effective management And effectiveness To increase competitiveness Through cost control and control product quality at the standard
  • Continuously promoting new product development In order to increase value through the consumer market, niche market (Niche Market)
  • Create fair and mutual benefits Between business partners For sustainable success

Core Value



Rules and regulations for controlling the physical behavior of people in society to be orderly and harmonious. Including being able to live together in social happily.



Honesty which means not cheating “Honesty to yourself and others” or “do what you say” which behavior is very important for being a leader.


Service Minded

It is the heart of service workers must provide services to customers with a heart that loves service to the fullest and shows customers that you care about customers as if you are a customer service staff.



It is an important human resource management tool that managers at all levels can use in recruiting, retaining and developing personnel to have the knowledge, skills, and abilities, including specific characteristics that are required by the position to perform their expected duties accordingly.