Code of Conduct

Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited and subsidiaries

Thai Sugar Terminal Public Company Limited (“the Company”) and its subsidiaries emphasize transparent and ethical business practices. This Code of Conduct has been revised No. 1 with classification and content improvements as well as covering various rules and policies related, as well as having broader guidelines for dealing with stakeholders to be in line with the current business operations by all employees who have complied with the Code of Conduct To enable the company to achieve sustainable business goals and be accepted by all parties.

Treatment to stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, and officers Competitors, environment, society, and participation.

Conducting Shareholders' Responsibilities

  • Create stable and suitable returns for both major and minor shareholders
  • Perform duties professionally with full knowledge, ability, and caution.
  • Perform duties with honesty, transparency, and fairness to build confidence of shareholders and treat all shareholders with equality by using various communication channels appropriate in each situation
  • Prepare reports on the status of the organization regularly and completely and truthfully to shareholders, and related persons.
  • Give shareholders rights and treat all shareholders equally.

Practices and Responsibilities for Employees

The Company recognizes that employees are the most important resource that will lead the Company to the success of its business operations and to achieve the goals it has set in the most efficient way. The Company has set a policy to treat employees as follows:

  • Provide fair compensation to employees. The wages and benefits are paid appropriately in accordance with the operating results and the employment economy.
  • Maintain the working environment to be safe for the life and property of the employees.
  • Arrange the workplace to be comfortable and suitable for the working conditions, and create an atmosphere in the workplace that makes employees feel like working with the company fully.

Customer responsibility

The Company operates a service business, therefore giving priority to its customers. The guidelines are:

  • Commitment to development and having a high standard that meets the needs of customers under modern and efficient technology. There is a product quality inspection system.
  • Provide a system that can allow customers to complain about service defects and dissatisfaction, and offer recommendations Useful to respond quickly to customers.
  • Strictly comply with the conditions for the customers. In case of failure to comply with the conditions, inform the customers immediately and jointly consider a solution to the problem, including the preparation of a customer satisfaction assessment form. To be used to improve and develop the service further
  • Present service information to customers with honesty, accuracy, and fairness without any misrepresentation of facts.
  • Give importance to and do not disseminate customer information or seek benefits for themselves and related parties in any case.

Responsibility to partners and creditors

  • Not asking or receiving or paying any benefits dishonest in trading with partner or creditor.
  • Comply with agreements with partners and creditors honestly and strictly in the event of failure to comply with various conditions. Must immediately notify business partners or creditors to collectively consider a solution to the problem.
  • Accurately present relevant information to partners and creditors, and complete according to reality.

Responsibilities to Employees and Employees

  • Provide reasonable and fair compensation based on knowledge, ability, responsibility, and the quality of work of each employee
  • Rewarding or punishing employees must be fair, transparent, verifiable, and must be done in good faith.
  • Give importance to training for employees to develop knowledge ability of all employees
  • Comply with labor laws regulations and employee welfare
  • Maintain a working environment to ensure health and safety. and property of employees
  • Encourage employees to participate in setting directions, developing and improving the Company thoroughly.
  • Disseminate the code of conduct and ethics to all employees to implement in their work.
  • Treat all employees based on human dignity equally. Do not discriminate based on physical, mental, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, age, skin color, education, social status, or any other matter, and avoid any action that affects the progress and stability of the employee's career
  • Do not use the personal information of employees for benefits in any case.
  • Listen to opinions and suggestions that are useful to organizations based on cause and effect.

Responsibility for Company Assets

Company assets mean movable and real estate, it also includes information on patent documents, copyrights, and confidential information of the company, directors, executives, and officers. The Company's assets must not be used for personal benefit or others, except in an emergency that has been authorized by the authorized person only. There are principles of practice as follows:

  • Employees are responsible for the Company's assets from being lost, lost, or depreciated in vain of the company should be used in the operation of the company to achieve the highest efficiency of operations and value of assets.
  • Employees should not modify, modify or decorate the company's assets only before receiving permission from the authorized person.
  • Employees are prohibited from fraudulently falsifying, modifying, and/or decorating company documents.
  • In the case of computer assets Employees are prohibited from bringing pirated or illegal programs of any kind into the company's machine
    • Executives are prohibited And employees should use the Internet to find information and avoid websites that should not be as follows: illegal websites, as well as websites that violate customs or good morals.
    • Executives are prohibited and employees disclose their passwords used to access the Company's information system to others. Unless it is a service work in a business only for authorized customers.

Practices and Responsibilities for Safety, Occupational Health, Environment, Society and Public

The company will operate its business by giving importance to and adhering to environmental stewardship and safety, occupational health in various activities which is the company's business for the benefit of the economy and society as follows

  • The company will comply with the laws and regulations in terms of safety, occupational health, and environment Strictly enclosed in work
  • The company will maintain the working environment to be safe for the life and property of the employees, customers and people who come to contact the work always
  • Management and employees shall pay great attention to all activities that will promote safety, quality, occupational health, and the environment.
  • Support any business that is beneficial to the community and society as a whole
  • Avoid any action causing damage to the nation, country, community, and environment
  • Do not promote or cooperate in any way related to illegal business or endanger the public and national security.
  • Create awareness and instill social and national responsibility in the organization for employees at all levels.